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Cancer Care

 gambit wig

If you are going through cancer, perhaps one of your first worries is whether you will lose your hair. According to the type of treatment, you may. But you are not alone; we are here to help and support you.

For many cancer patients, hair loss is the most distressing and feared side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. If you don't want anybody to know you're losing your hair, a wig may be your answer. A beautiful, yet comfortable, wig can boost self-confidence and help regain a sense of normalcy. Our wigs are just one of the many helpful aids that make a difference for people going through an often grueling and difficult time. We carry the best brands and the highest quality wigs from top wig manufacturers.

There are a number of hair cap constructions found in the different designs of wigs. Many cancer patients are able to wear any conventional wig with a standard wefted cap. There are, however, several different types of constructions in hairpiece caps of wigs for cancer patients that provide specific benefits and may be the answer to some unique individual needs. Whether you chose ultra light weight caps, monofilament caps, or special caps, Merle Norman will help you understand the options and differences in all types of wigs for cancer patients.